Momentum Performance welcomes you in a friendly atmosphere, offering programs that are specifically catered to your needs, expectations and objectives.

Your appointments are scheduled in advance and a private (or semi-private) trainer takes care of you upon your arrival.

Our business-class customers and their families receive the same attention as athletes. At Momentum Performance, we consider that successful women and men's lives are just as active and exciting as high-level athletes.

Our athlete clients are coached according to the kind of sport they practice, the muscles they use, the performance levels required as well as their tensions and/or chronic injuries. We are experts in training for rehabilitation post-injury as well as off-season training, for preparation and fitness maintenance.

Clients of all ages will find tailor-made programs at Momentum Performance, whether they are still growing, in their prime or retired. During the initial consultation with Roberto Sabatini, your general health is evaluated, and goals are set. Our approach is holistic; it covers all the tools at our disposal to support you on your road to success, helping you reach the specific goals you have set for yourself.